Pimp my ride

When the Ministry of Emergency Situations was mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of people to fight fires of biblical proportions, we heard nothing, for some reason, about this Batmobile in its arsenal.

Ladies and gentlemen, a 2007 Porsche Cayenne retrofitted to…fight fires?

That's an electric outlet.

Oh, and, worry not. Apparently, it was not bought with government funds. It was a gift from the car dealership Porsche Russland to the government of Moscow. No corruption there.

via Fichetto

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2 Responses to Pimp my ride

  1. bryat says:

    Sweet. Where do you put the water in that thing?

  2. стиг says:

    Well, having Cayennes fighting fire is better then having $2 bil. airplanes (No corruption there) to fight people with AK47s don’t you think? Besides I’m not sure about this model but in Europe we actually have cheaper Porsche (Audi, BMW) models with no leather seats, no TV and no radar guided cruise control.

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