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A real estate shortage gone crazypants. Literally?

For those who thought real estate was in absurd demand in Moscow, home to some 10% of Russia’s population (centralization, what what!), have another thing coming. This fine Sunday morning, news breaks that, out in the northern boonies of Karelia, … Continue reading

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From a┬ápost by fellow T/S-er Matt Taibbi on the threat to an Australian journalist working in Moscow: THREE armed men have been arrested outside the home of an Australian freelance journalist in Moscow just a week after the federal government … Continue reading

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Up your politically correct American ass

Determined to see the old decade out with a bang, Russia Today, the Kremlin’s pricey answer to CNN and known to its detractors as “North Korean TV,” rolled out a series of provocative ads across the UK. And by provocative … Continue reading

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