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My kingdom for an ounce of foresight

A couple weeks before the first snows trickled from the low-slung Moscow firmament, the city’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov announced that he would have no trickles in his town. The Russian Air Force seeds clouds for the May Day and Victory … Continue reading

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Isn't it ironic?

Today, the Russian parliament finally approved the use of house arrest for those accused of not-so-serious crimes, like economic ones. Not that they would have put him there since they were probably holding him in horrible conditions to squeeze out … Continue reading

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Death of a kamikaze

Early this morning, economist and reformer Yegor Gaidar died of a blood clot in his home in the Moscow suburbs. He was 53. What Yeltsin was to political liberalization, Gaidar was to the Russian economy. It was Gaidar who, in … Continue reading

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Get mad, get even, get the train

This afternoon, some 2o0 refugees from Georgia, Ingushetia and Chechnya got so sick of the horrible conditions in a Polish refugee camp — the rotten food, the non-existent medical care — that they got on a train bound for Dresden, … Continue reading

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Let the purges begin

You have to hand it to the Russian government. For all its corruption and mind-melting bureaucratic labyrinths, it knows how to act swiftly and decisively when trouble hits. Usually, this means firing people or kabashing things, quickly and without too … Continue reading

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