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One TRILLION rubles

Last week, Transparency International released its annual Corruption Perception Index. Despite President Medvedev’s long battle against corruption, Russia has slipped down the greasy pole of corruption rankings once again to finish the year at 154th out of 178. (Last year, … Continue reading

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Pimp my ride

When the Ministry of Emergency Situations was mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of people to fight fires of biblical proportions, we heard nothing, for some reason, about this Batmobile in its arsenal. Ladies and gentlemen, … Continue reading

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Who’s in charge, part 843

The Russian state statistics agency has just published some fantastic numbers. They show, once again, why things are the way they are in Russia, and the “why,” of course, has everything to do with money. Remember that poll of Russian … Continue reading

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Plot twist: Battle against corruption produces more corruption

The Interior Ministry’s Department of Economic Security reports today that as President Dmitry Medvedev’s war on corruption heats up, so has corruption. In the first six months of 2010, the size of the average bribe has nearly doubled, from 23,000 … Continue reading

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Real Housewives of Moscow

Because you guys seem to enjoy discussions about Russian women and money, I figured I would repost my latest article, from Slate, here. It is about how corrupt Russian bureaucrats use their wives as offshore bank accounts to hide the … Continue reading

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Today in Russian decadance

On this hot Moscow Friday, I bring you two jewels of Russian decadence: One. Miss Russia, known also by her mortal name Irina Antonenko, will soon depart for Las Vegas to represent her country in the Miss Universe competition. In … Continue reading

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Do you know who I am?

Today, I bring you another tale of swaggering servants of the Russian people. On Victory Day, May 9, a huge column of tanks, armored vehicles, and missiles paraded through Moscow, but then they had to get back to their base … Continue reading

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