You wanna dance, old man?

What do you do if your name is Yuri Luzhkov and the Kremlin is pissed at you for your criminally selfish behavior and the piss-poor optics of your utter abandonment of Moscow while your city, your one jurisdiction burns?

Get even, obviously.

Today comes news that Mayor Luzhkov is miffed at all the fault heaped on him from above for not returning from vacation until six days after an emergency situation had been declared in Moscow, and for going back on vacation well before it was lifted. But instead of showing the people of Moscow that, actually, he cares about them almost as much as he does about his honey bees, he is showing the Kremlin, hey, you tawkin’ to me?!

In response to the blame, Luzhkov is demanding that employees of the presidential administration and the Duma now pay for their parking. Because let’s not forget whose city this is, assholes.


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3 Responses to You wanna dance, old man?

  1. marknesop says:

    Luzhkov is like an old gun. He won’t work, and you can’t fire him.

  2. Mark Adomanis says:

    Seems like an odd move for Luzhkov to make, you’d think that a politician as cagey and resourceful as him wouldn’t simply get into a straight-up pissing match with the Kremlin (those usually dont’ end well for the Kremlin’s antagonist). I could easily see him doing some behind the scenes shenanagins, such as leaking some kompromat to his stable of journalists, but it seems pretty odd to stand up and taunt the Kremlin. Maybe that sports injury was a lot worse than we thought!

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