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Blast at Domodedovo Airport

Interfax reporting at least 10 dead. Off to see.  

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Speaking of absurd relics

Here’s one of the many that are still around and kicking, a neat little capsule of Soviet absurdity: cheesy “estrada” evenings on national TV, and the choir of the Internal Ministry. This time, they are singing “Let My People Go,” … Continue reading

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Politically-correct tigers and more “electioneering”

It’s been a great week for Russian politics, or for what passes for politics in Russia. The “election” season has started, which means lots of meaningless bullshit from all parties involved. Here’s a round-up: First, we had President Medvedev convening … Continue reading

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Scorched earth

What better way to welcome the new year and break my blogging silence than with news of my favorite person in the world: ex-Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Luzhkov appears in the news again today, this time because he has applied … Continue reading

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