Ballot stuffing

There is nothing more boring in this world than a set of irrelevant and rigged Russian regional elections. This is why I haven’t written about the day of “voting” that took place on Sunday, or about the predictable violations: vote buying, voter intimidation, bla bla bla.

It took three days for some real news to emerge from the farce. Konstantin Nikolaev, the United Russia candidate from Izhevsk, won a seat in the regional Duma with a measly 44% of the vote. Nevertheless, Nikolaev was so damn happy that he decided to celebrate the only way United Russia knows how: with style.

Today, photos of the classy victory party surfaced online. They feature mostly girls in underwear, their pale bodies scribbled on in black sharpie with phrases like, “EdRo” (short for United Russia),  “We won,” and “Ballots here” with an Activia arrow pointing down into the lacy undergarments.

Imagine if Nikolaev had won a real, 2/3rds United Russia victory.

via NewsRu

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3 Responses to Ballot stuffing

  1. voroBey says:

    OMG, this is nauseating!! Nu i bydlo!

  2. voroBey says:

    But, of course, S/O.the Russian criminals at the top can kill, maim, throw in jail innocent people and we criticize this, we are Russophobes but it is fine by you. Excellent response.

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