Worm hole

On Tuesday night, Dmitry Zelenin, the governor of Tver, went to the Kremlin for a fancy-pants state dinner with German President Christian Wulff. (Wulff was supposed to visit Tver later in his trip to discuss possibilities of economic cooperation.

After some milling about to the dulcet sounds of classical music, the group sat down to dinner. Zelenin dug into his salad only to discover a red worm traipsed across the edge of his plate. So he took a picture and Tweeted it, along with the following message: “This also happens in Alexander Hall. The beef is served with salad with live earth worms. A unique way to underscore the freshness of the leaves.”

“This is nonsense, of course!” protested the Kremlin chef, Anatoly Galkin.

Sergei Prikhodko, veteran foreign policy advisor to the Kremlin, decided to put his two cents in, too, accusing Zelenin of “irresponsibility and stupidity.” He also said he wished there was a rule allowing (foreign policy advisors?) to “fire governors for imbecility.”

The Twitter post is, of course, gone.

via NewsRu, AFP, RIA Novosti

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3 Responses to Worm hole

  1. Igor, AU says:

    I have to disagree with Prikhodko – one cannot fire people using one of the selection criteria for the position. (btw – ..why the plate on the photo is empty?).

  2. Governor Zelenin is an energetic governor who looks more like a technocrat than a joker.
    That was a great Tweet. The answer to the resulting agitation is simplly to wash and check the lettuce more closely.

  3. Philip Owen says:

    Foreign policy advisors have fired governors for imbecility – Ayatskov. The rule must have been changed.

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