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Russians: a peaceful people victorious?

As TIME’s Simon Shuster reports today, a massive crackdown is underway in Dagestan to retaliate for last month’s twin suicide bombings in the Moscow metro. One of the two Black Widow bombers, was, in fact, a widow; the other one, … Continue reading

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Gross: Russian tabloid publishes photos of suicide bomber heads [graphic]

The Russian tabloid LifeNews, which has uncannily good access that we won’t ask questions about, has published photos of the severed heads of the two female suicide bombers. The Lubyanka bomber (the second set of pictures) looks extremely young, and … Continue reading

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Nothing says 'Happy Friday!' like a two-legged dog

Today, I bring to you this, a Russian news report about an Israeli who adopts a dog with only two legs. Cringe factor is extraordinarily high, and you’ll also notice a strong redemption trope.

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