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Eat it, civil society

This morning, a front page Vedomosti story, citing several Kremlin sources, confirmed what everyone knew was going to happen in the Khimki forest: the road will be built as planned, through the already hacked-up forest. Which is what I told … Continue reading

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Bambi Slayer

The relationship between Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi has been covered to death, especially after Wiki leaked. Or so one thought. Yesterday, Italian paper La Stampa revealed perhaps the most revelatory revelation yet, one that finally fleshes out — in … Continue reading

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From the bottom of everyone and their mother’s heart

It’s where all the thank you’s to FIFA are coming from. The best is, of course, Vladimir Putin’s, especially the part where he talks about soccer promoting fair play. The Cup, by the way, is, by some estimates, projected to … Continue reading

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Ceasefire plan

If nothing else works to calm the North Koreans the fuck down, a reprise of this should. Provided Kim Jong Il is still alive, of course. Watch for the ponies! hat tip to Miriam Elder

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Tone deaf

Journalist Oleg Kashin lay in an artificial coma after a savage beating left everything that could possible be broken, broken. President Medvedev spoke firmly of the need to punish the perpetrators, the investigative foot soldiers of the Interior Ministry were … Continue reading

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Ratings schmatings

I get the sense that you people don’t care much for ratings. Nor do I, really, except for when they hit on something true, as they often do. Take today’s release of Forbes Magazine’s Powerful People rankings. The (non) surprise … Continue reading

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“I am ashamed for my country”

Today, Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky delivered his final statement in a crowded Moscow courtroom (where the prosecutor earlier delivered his statement, attributing it to “the court”). In lieu of a post, I wanted to reprint Khodorkovsky’s full statement, in English. I … Continue reading

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Loosen up

After yesterday’s boobies-for-Puties calendar cratered the Russian blogosphere, the dean of the Moscow State University journalism gave the students a stern scolding, and today we get, what else, another calendar. Some other future journalistes from MGU donned their best strict … Continue reading

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Memory dvor

Finally, it is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s birthday. To celebrate, I did my hair today and Moskovsky Komsomolets tracked down some of Vova’s old friends from the dvor (the yard) — Baskov pereulok, #12, in St. Petersburg — where the premier’s … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Mr. President (NSFW)

The Russian interwebs are abuzz today with talk of a birthday present for Mr. Vladimir Putin’s birthday. It’s a calendar. Of half-naked girls. From the┬ájournalism department of MGU, or Moscow State University. The department is known to be a bastion … Continue reading

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