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Russians: a peaceful people victorious?

As TIME’s Simon Shuster reports today, a massive crackdown is underway in Dagestan to retaliate for last month’s twin suicide bombings in the Moscow metro. One of the two Black Widow bombers, was, in fact, a widow; the other one, … Continue reading

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The Moscow bombings: a week later

It’s been exactly a week since the Moscow metro bombings, and not much has changed. The metro is again operating at full capacity. The only way you can tell something happened here is the heavy police and muzzled-Rottweiler presence, as … Continue reading

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Atta boy: Medvedev gets tough on terrorists

Speaking to the leaders of various Duma factions, President Dmitry Medvedev exhorted them to get tough on terrorists, to get ’em where it really hurts: the soup bowl and the laundry room. “When dealing with terrorism crimes, we need to … Continue reading

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Dmitry Rogozin: the anal joke that keeps on giving

While the world was distracted by the twin bombings on the Moscow metro, Chris Bryant, Labor MP, tied the knot with his partner Jared Cranney in Bryant’s place of employ, the British Parliament. It was the first gay wedding to … Continue reading

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Gross: Russian tabloid publishes photos of suicide bomber heads [graphic]

The Russian tabloid LifeNews, which has uncannily good access that we won’t ask questions about, has published photos of the severed heads of the two female suicide bombers. The Lubyanka bomber (the second set of pictures) looks extremely young, and … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Moscow subway bombing

Last night, a couple hours after the affected red line was reopened in time for the evening rush hour, I went to look for what the metro looked like in the wake of the twin suicide bombing that morning. The … Continue reading

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Subway blast in Moscow kills 38, wounds over 100

Moscow is in chaos this morning after two female suicide bombers set off explosions in the Moscow metro at rush hour. One blast went off at the Lubyanka station, which is right under the FSB headquarters. So far, 35 are … Continue reading

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