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All your base are belong to us

When Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov returned to his city last night, the press was hoping for a Monday resignation. The week he spent in Austria was to celebrate his 74th birthday, the thinking went, and to mull over the terms … Continue reading

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Serious allegations: Kalmyk governor leaks classified information to 'humanoid' aliens

Andrey Lebedev, a Duma deputy for the right-wing nationalistic LDPR party, is pissed: there is a traitor in Russia’s house, and he’s a traitor of the very worst order. Lebedev’s allegation, which he addressed yesterday to President Dmitry Medvedev, is … Continue reading

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Medvedev: It's just a matter of time zones

I am watching President Dmitry Medvedev’s state of the country address in an accoustically unfriendly marble hall and was amazed to hear the following proposal: reduce the number of time zones in Russia. Russians, he said, are proud of the … Continue reading

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