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That'll show 'em

For the last month or so, drivers’ rights advocates in Moscow have been protesting VIP sirens, the strange exceptionalism carved into the Russian legal system that allows the bearers of these special blue sirens to almost completely disregard traffic laws … Continue reading

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Let the purges begin

You have to hand it to the Russian government. For all its corruption and mind-melting bureaucratic labyrinths, it knows how to act swiftly and decisively when trouble hits. Usually, this means firing people or kabashing things, quickly and without too … Continue reading

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A good question

Alexandr Bastrykin, an investigative official with the State Prosecutor’s office, announced today that the number of criminal investigations for corruption had doubled in the past year. “If we keep going at this rate, in five years, we will have imprisoned … Continue reading

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Looking for clemency in all the wrong places

Today, the Russian parliament approved changes to the criminal code that guarantee that extradited Russian criminals won’t be executed on their return to Russia and that women who are pregnant or have children under 14 will be free from punishment. … Continue reading

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