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Luzhkov: “Fuck to you”

This morning, Gazeta.ru reports that Luzhkov, banish├Ęd from his mayoral post on Tuesday, has again showed up at the mayoralty at his usual hour (8:00 a.m.), second day in a row. Maybe it’s to pick up all his stuff, maybe … Continue reading

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Dmitry Rogozin: the anal joke that keeps on giving

While the world was distracted by the twin bombings on the Moscow metro, Chris Bryant, Labor MP, tied the knot with his partner Jared Cranney in Bryant’s place of employ, the British Parliament. It was the first gay wedding to … Continue reading

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Rhetorical question much? Russia's NATO envoy offers $1 million to anyone who will prove him wrong, bro

Russia’s fire-mouthed envoy to NATO has offered, via his increasingly insane Twitter feed, $1 million dollars to anyone “who will prove that NATO is not pursuing military planning against Russia.” Hilariously, RIA Novosti, one of the state news wires, ran … Continue reading

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In wake of hockey loss, for once, Russia doesn't hide its shame

This morning the Russians who didn’t stay up to see their hockey team get trounced by the Canadians 7:3, woke up to find that their hockey team had been trounced by the Canadians 7:3. It was the first time in … Continue reading

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