Blast at Domodedovo Airport

Interfax reporting at least 10 dead. Off to see.


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3 Responses to Blast at Domodedovo Airport

  1. Igor says:,0, to be effective, the Russian government needs to do the rest – i.e. not only “fire” people, but “to punish” them too ..Perhaps, like it has been done to Khodorkovsky? 🙂

    It does not seem that a punishment is(was)(would be) justifiable in Domodedovo – after all the arrival area of an airport is as good a target as central market or any other place. But a good (IMHO) article – has more to it than meets the eye.

    • No, not punish. The Russian government needs to do what every other government has trouble doing: implementing a difficult, hard-to-balance, expensive, long-term policy. And thanks!

      • Igor says:

        “long term policy” would be a known approach. “If & when” – eg. nobody knows what an effective anti-terrorist policy is. Or how to make everyone happy regardless of how “normal” they are. There could & should be other ways. Besides, the “long term” is not in the Russian culture – I have a home “theory” that the Russians are called that (“RUSHians”) for a reason 🙂

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