Ер доттерс вер райт

On Thursday night, Russia won its bid to host the 2018 World Cup and Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko delivered a rousing oration that came, by all appearances, from his nethercardiac region. By Monday morning, the YouTube clip of said soliloquy had been viewed over 600,000 times.

The Internet sensation was such that Sovetsky Sport, a Russian sports periodical, decided to investigate with a hard-hitting interview with the Minister, “Olde 97 Breakfasts” himself.

Highlights include and are limited to:

Vitaly Leont’evich, first of all, bravo. It was very impressive! I don’t even know what language to interview in…

No, seriously keep reading.

V97M: 2018 is still a long way away.

Mutko promises to learn English by then. Unclear why.

Anyway, sorry, keep reading:

Admit it, did it take you a long time to prepare the speech?

V97M: Two weeks, probably. In the mornings and evenings, it was a required part of the program. Plus, I even read it to my wife, daughters, driver. My phone had an audio recording of it; I listened when I had a free moment. Then we had rehearsals. I think I know it by heart now! If you wake me up in the middle of the night, I’ll recite it: “Диа президент Блаттер… Екзекьютив комити…” [Dear President Blatter, Executive Committee]

What was the reaction of the people around you?

My wife supported me as much as she could. My daughters were cracking up. My driver? My driver was fine about it. He’s seen worse. …

Are you embarrassed by how your performance looks from the side?

I warned everyone right at the start, that I don’t have a Harvard accent. On the stage, I tried not to think about the fact that millions of people are looking at me. That was the most important thing, to ignore the live broadcast, and speak just for those who were sitting right in front of me…to really [speak] “фром май харт” [from my heart].

The most important question: what letters was your speech written in, English or Russian?

I already saw a sheet of paper on the Internet that allegedly had my speech on it… I repeat: it’s fake! On my sheet of paper, I had three options: English, Russian, and English words in Russian letters. I read in English. I don’t really have problems with reading [English] — I’ve already read many documents. As for the pronounciation, everyone’s life comes together differently. I was born in a rural area — what English was there to speak of? None. And then I didn’t have time to learn it.

That actually is a fair point, though I wonder if it also explains Mutko’s mind-boggling corruption. In rural areas, did you take extra breakfast into the field with you?

via Sovetsky Sport

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4 Responses to Ер доттерс вер райт

  1. jesse says:

    it is the most important meal of the day!

  2. Robert says:

    They need to do just this:
    Nothing more. Or less.

  3. tewonder says:

    The opening screen ‘Ready to Inspire’ summed it up best…I was, well, inspired

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