Tone deaf

Journalist Oleg Kashin lay in an artificial coma after a savage beating left everything that could possible be broken, broken. President Medvedev spoke firmly of the need to punish the perpetrators, the investigative foot soldiers of the Interior Ministry were roused from their holiday slumber to try to solve this heinous act. Moscow journalists rallied and wrote feverishly, then drowned their sorrows in various liquids.

What was Supreme Leader Vladimir Vladimirovich doing? Drag racing.

Makes Luzhkov’s summer getaway seem downright appropriate.


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15 Responses to Tone deaf

  1. Balqis says:

    The President took immediate action according to his role and power .
    There was no need for action from the PM in that moment .
    And if he had done or said something more, the fierce critics would have commented that he wanted to be protagonist at any cost .

  2. marknesop says:

    Wasn’t it you who just got through complaining that Putin is the real power in Russia, not Medvedev? Now when Medvedev steps up to handle the situation, you’re wondering why Putin doesn’t elbow him aside to take charge? Did Dick Cheney fly to Georgia to hold Jeffrey Silverman’s hand when he got the crap beaten out of him in 2008? If so, I don’t remember it.

    I think Putin has simply resigned himself to the reality that you and he are never going to be friends, and that you wouldn’t write anything positive even if he donned a beat cop’s uniform and comfortable shoes, and patrolled the street outside Kashin’s building himself.

    What happened to Oleg Kashin certainly should not have happened, but the investigation, arrest and punishment of those responsible are matters for law enforcement and the courts, not the personal intervention of the Prime Minister. The President’s statement should be understood to speak for the government of the Russian Federation.

    • larussophobe says:

      “you wouldn’t write anything positive even if”

      that’s pretty darned hilarious coming from somebody who wouldn’t write anything negative, isn’t it?

      suppose a bunch of russians — or one extremely prominent one — got killed in the united states and then the next day barack obama went race-car driving. would russians be find with that?

      medvedev TWITTERED about it, for gawd’s sake. he TWITTERED! the same place he writes about munching burgers!!! the suggestion that he takes this seriously is total rubbish and it is offensive to common intelligence to suggest otherwise.

      “certainly should not have happened” — that’s really the best you can muster, isn’t it. so very sad. no wonder russia is such a mess, with “friends” the likes of you.

      • grafomnka says:

        I just remembered how on the day of late Polish president’s funeral Obama was playing golf (he canceled his attendance because of the volcanic ash), and Poles got really offended.

  3. AJ says:

    Whats interesting is that, unless Im mistaken, this is the first time that the Kremlin has taken such an interest in violence towards journalists. Medvedev issueing his statement, sending a special investigative squad, wow. Usually they just sweep it under the carpet. Kinda fishy, now that I think about it.

  4. grafomnka says:

    Putin is getting more ridiculous by the day.

  5. AJ says:

    @larussophobe that situation is not even comparable. First, as Mark stated above, Putin is not the president. Second, the journalist in question is uhhh let me think, Russian, not a foreigner. And he was beaten, not killed. Your example of this happening to a Russian in America is silly. It happened to a Russian in Russia, and clearly Russian people arent too happy about it. He twittered about it?! So what?

  6. Lyndon says:

    Interesting that he raced with a team that has the black-and-yellow color scheme favored by the Russian National Unity guys, though perhaps I’m reading too much into that.

  7. Makes Luzhkov’s summer getaway seem downright appropriate.

    No, it doesn’t.

    Luzhkov’s dereliction of duty affected millions of Muscovites he was responsible for. As such his punishment is well deserved.

    Putin is not responsible for any one Russian. He is a responsible for all Russians. If there was an all-Russian catastrophe, such as a war, one would certainly him to refrain from these stunts. A one man tragedy doesn’t qualify.

  8. Philip Owen says:

    “Lada” on an F1 is a teeny weeny bit incongruous. I love those high speed Lada car chases on Russian TV detective series.

  9. Robert says:

    @A Tsar doesn’t duel a commoner rebel.

    Of course. A Tsar rides with a biker gang when thousands people are dying in Moscow.

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