Cheer up, Yuri Mikhailovich

Future constituents?

Well, someone wants Luzhkov as mayor.

And that someone is  Vladimir Tyunin, the leader of the “For a United Russia,” a Russian nationalistic group from Sevastopol, in the Crimea, in the Ukraine. He has welcomed Luzhkov to his city and asked him to take it over, saying, “We need a mayor like that!” He added, “Sevastopol is his second home, and we will always be glad to have him visit us.”

Let’s recall that the Autonomous Ukrainian Republic of Crimea was a contentious issue — it is a mostly Russian region and Russia maybe kind of maybe would have maybe wanted it? — until the more Russia-leaning Viktor Yanukovich won the last Ukrainian presidential election and worked out a nice deal with the Russians.

In 2008, Luzhkov, as perhaps the only mayor to create his own foreign policy, called into question the appropriateness of the Crimea being part of Ukraine. He was therefore very quickly labeled a persona non grata in the entire country by then President Viktor Yushchennko.

Who’s laughing now?

via Kommersant

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2 Responses to Cheer up, Yuri Mikhailovich

  1. Kurwastan says:

    THE Ukraine? Julia, you should know better.

    “it is a mostly Russian region”… no, it is a region populated by a majority of ethnic Russians who hold Ukrainian passports, vote in elections for Ukrainian officials, etc.

  2. marknesop says:

    The one with the cane is kind of cute. Hey, aren’t those Anna Chapman’s pumps she’s wearing? Same colour, anyway. Boy, if I were 50 years older…..

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