A monogrammed liger

Russia has a unique way in doing just about everything. Usually, this way is a personalized way, and it is a way that also includes looking after the country’s endangered species.

In September 2008, Vladimir Putin met a rare Amur tiger. After a now infamously sexy photo shoot with said tiger, he put a collar with a tracking device on it. He did the same after he met Dasha the white whale on a trip to the Sea of Okhotsk last summer. Ditto the polar bear, which Putin met this April in Franz Josef Land, way up at the top of the globe.

Now, you can follow the migrations of Dasha, the tiger, and the polar bear on the Prime Minister’s website, which, incidentally, is where you can glimpse the many cameras vigilantly monitoring the rebuilding of houses eaten up by the flames earlier this month.

via Interfax, premier.gov.ru

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One Response to A monogrammed liger

  1. The article was a good one. But where exactly are ligers mentioned there? Russia currently have 5 ligers at its different areas. That is the sure thing about Russia I know :). Ligers are beautiful animals 🙂 and they will exist for a longer period of time around. However, unfortunately they can’t reproduce except for female ligers. This is sad and this proves that ligers unable to have their place in the future :). The future looks bleak :((

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