Oh, beehave

Recall that Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov took a while to come back from his August 2 vacation to deal with the extraordinary toxic smoke situation in Moscow because, according to his spokesman, “What is the problem? What, do we have an emergency situation in Moscow, a crisis?”

Well, now, after the Mayor gives us all a guilt trip about us making him cut short his taking the cure for a sports injury in Austria, we find out this:

LifeNews reports that, all this time, one of Luzhkov’s constituencies has been well taken care of.

Yes, his bees.

Russia’s most famous apiarist — honey has been a major Russian export since the days of Kievan Rus — has made sure that his precious honey bees have been evacuated from the hot, only somewhat smoggy Tula region.

Quoth Luzhkov’s beekeeper Alexander: “There on the lakes, the air is better, and the ecological situation is more conducive to selection.”

Continueth Alexander: “When we had some slight smog, we tightly plugged the hives and and didn’t let the little bees go anywhere. If we had wooden hives, we would’ve had to let the bees out, but in this heat they would’ve all died [kind of like Muscovites dying in their homes, but, hey, what’s the crisis, man?].”

Apparently, these are special, custom-made hives.

Alexander: “These hives were made specially according to the sketches of Yuri Mikhailovich [Luzhkov]. You won’t find hives like this anywhere. I myself asked Yuri Mikhailovich about their cost, and he just smiled and answered, ‘Ex-pen-sive!'”


via LifeNews.ru

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