A video from July 29 of the fires in hard-hit Voronezh, passed along by The Independent‘s Shaun Walker:

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9 Responses to Voronezh

  1. Igor, AU says:

    It is an extreme libertarian capitalism in action, isn’t it? Luzkov enjoys his holidays in Austria (spending “his wife’s” money), Shoigu (and whoever else) counts the money stolen during the “reform” of MChS. Whoever is left in the fire-service are waiting for personal paychecks to act – after all how would you decide how to use the now very limited resources.? The bosses of over 1 ml Russian militsia are waiting for the insensitive to simply start doing something (other than chasing defenders of Khimky forest). The fire is fought by the forestry workers and unorganized volunteers – when UR associates in white shirts, beach thongs and shorts do not push them away to have a PR photos taken. And don’t say that it is the “authoritarian regime” – it is exactly the opposite – private business in charge of the entire country.

    Not to be missed :

    • Couldn’t agree more. That said, it does need a CEO, no?

      • Igor, AU says:

        ..I vote for T. Roosevelt as a CEO – that is, to avoid a Stalin..

      • Igor, AU says:

        Could you, please, check your spam-filter? There should be my reply to yalensis, most likely blocked because it contained a web-link.. Cheer, Igor/Alex and some others : )

    • Yalensis says:

      You are exactly right, Igor. Russian citizens must reject this bandit capitalism which has robbed them of everything their forefathers built. It is time to return to a socialist system in which the land and resources belong to all the laboring people. Putin and Luzhkov must go — but beware of hypocritical American imperialist agents who seek to replace them with their own “stavlenniki”. The new slogan of of the socialist movement is:
      “No color revolutions for Russia – except for a Red one!”

      • Holy shit, Yalensis! Wow. Really? I was really not expecting THAT! Damn. And now we know! Keep on keepin’ on, then!

      • Oh, wait. Was that racist of me?

      • Igor, AU says:

        Yalensis, my Soviet-trained BS detectors somehow glow red.. No? Just in case, let me quote myself from the website above: “I am not a communist, have never been one and most likely will never be – because I haven’t yet met sufficiently large number of people ready to live strictly by the rules in the left-hand-side column”. Cheers

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