Surprise: lots more death in Moscow

Today, the Russian press is reporting a sharp uptick in deaths during what has been a horrendous heat wave, with temperatures constantly breaking the 130-year records that had just been set the day before.

Earlier today, Interfax reported that deaths had increased by 29.7% in July, which, let’s recall, was before the smoke arrived.

Morgues are swamped, which, with the heat, is not a pleasant scenario. “It’s just horrible here!” one hospital employee told “Our refrigerators [in the morgue] are filled beyond capacity! Yesterday, we had 17 corpses, the day before 17, even though normally we see two or three. That’s 5-6 times more! The corpses are at least in refrigerators, and not only do we not have air conditioning, we don’t even have a damn fan!”

And, of course, these are all leaks. Hospital employees have been forbidden from talking to the press.


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8 Responses to Surprise: lots more death in Moscow

  1. larussophobe says:

    Russia is #137/195 when ranked against other nations for life expectancy. They are routinely massacred by fire in their homes, and now they are not safe on the streets either. The have one of the world’s highest murder rates, and are besieged by ill health from pollution, smoking, drinking, AIDS and a host of other factors. As a nation they are, quite literally, dying.

    Yet, they see fit to hand power the failed regime of the KGB, give little support to opposition politics, and indeed look the other way as heroic figures like Boris Nemtsov and, as you document Julia, Yevgenia Chirkova, are arrested.

    It’s hard to argue, then, that Russians don’t deserve their fate.

  2. Whoa, nelly. And the Red State voters in Louisiana deserve theirs?

    • larussophobe says:

      Absolutely! If citizens of Louisiana blindly supported the policies of George Bush (who we have repeatedly condemned over on our blog), and if those policies then caused hardship for those citizens, they deserve their fate.

      However, only a truly stupid person would suggest that the level of criticism of Bush in America is remotely comparable to that against Putin in Russia. Americans ousted the Republicans in response to their failure. Do you expect Russians to do the same, now or ever?

  3. Soeon says:

    I don’t believe people deserve this. There has always been very little they could do to change this. I am sure Washington is waiting on pins and needles for the opportunity to suck Gazprom dry, but how will that help people in Russia? Humanity is a disgrace.

    Julia, I have found some of your answers.

    It seems about 10,000 more deaths have been registered this July over last July.

  4. liquidkiev says:


    Just exactly Washington is waiting on pins and needles for the opportunity to suck Gazprom dry? Are they buying any natural gas from Gazprom? No.


    There is a special place in Hell for people like you. You are one bitter b*tch.

  5. Soeon says:


    Nabucco and BTC are pushed by Washington and BP operates the latter pipeline. Neither country actually purchases these energy supplies for themselves.

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  7. Finally mortality rose about 60% in July / August so it means about 11.000 more deaths than the previous year during those two months for Moscow …

    In the whole country, 15.000 more than the previous year ..

    Well, if we imagine that they died mostly “old” people, it means that mortality’s statistic for the last months of this year and surely beginning of next one will be excellent …

    It’s still 25% less than during France’s heatwave in 2003 where 15.000 people died during 2 weeks, the country i recall having half less population than Russia ..

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