Proof in the charred pudding

For days now, the proverbial Russian roof has been on fire.

By Tuesday, there were 23,000 forest fires across Russia that have singed 650,000 hectares across the country. That’s 57,000 more burning hectares than there were on Monday. 48 people have died. Moscow is covered in a thick cloud of smoke that’s even made it into the metro stations deep underground. It makes breathing difficult, and the eyes watery. (After a dinner on a rooftop last night, I felt like I had smoked two packs of cigarettes though I had not in fact smoked a single one.) The capital’s residents are calling for ambulances 15% more often.

Russians are angry that authorities have been slow to respond, which means finding people to blame (and photo ops for Putin).

One manifestation of the blame game is Medvedev indulging in the standard governmental response: firing people, since that tends to fix things.

Another standard expression is finding the real culprit. You guessed it: the American military-industrial complex.

Here’s what happened: Nikolai Karavaev, a former military meteorologist, has come out with an earth-shattering hypothesis that “climate weapons” are being used against Russia. I mean, is it a coincidence that, right in the area where the atmosphere has thinned the most over Russia, causing a “giant anti-cyclone” — never before seen in these parts — right when the Americans launched the X-37B satellite right there?

If that’s not proof enough, here, mesdames et messieurs, is the charred proof pudding: a big, burned-to-the-ground military base outside of Moscow. 200 units of aviation, up in smoke. That’s $670 million worth of damage.

Check mate, America. Check mate.


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5 Responses to Proof in the charred pudding

  1. James says:

    Don’t forget the other solution undertaken by the leadership… Take an off-season trip to the ski slopes of Sochi!

  2. marknesop says:

    How much support for Karavaev’s loopy theory is there? I’d bet very little. Just because there are crazy people in Russia doesn’t automatically presuppose everyone believes them. Rush Limbaugh says oil is “as natural as the ocean water”, and that the ocean in the vicinity of the BP oil spill will “take care of itself” if left alone. How many Americans believe that? Libertarian carried a report by “Sorcha Faal” that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig had been torpedoed by a North Korean mini-submarine,

    which later blew itself up directly underneath the oil rig. Who believes that? Attempts to track down “Sorcha Faal” have yielded no results; that’s not surprising, because she’s a secret agent for SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service!

    Who believes that? The world is full of nuts, and people in immediate proximity to them usually don’t take them seriously.

    It seems Medvedev can’t do much to please you. If he sacks people who didn’t react appropriately, he’s just posturing, thrashing around ineffectively. If he doesn’t, he leaves corrupt cronies in place despite their obvious incompetence. Should he don his cape and fly over the forest fires, snuffing them out with the wind of his passage?

    Forest fires have a funny way of occurring, often spontaneously, when the environment is hot and dry, the way it is during a record hot summer and the worst drought in 13 decades. Given Russia’s geographical size and relatively small population, this is a much more complicated problem than you make out.

    • larussophobe says:

      You’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking how much OPPOSITION there is. And the answer: None.

      You ignore the fact that this maniac is DIRECTLY connected to the Russian government, just the way the insane lunatic who predicted the immediate breakup of the USA, Professor Panarin, was.

      Instead of reforming and improving Russia, you seek to justify its failure. As such, you are one of Russia’s worst enemies.

      • marknesop says:

        I’ve seen some of your ideas for “reforming and improving Russia”. I’ll pass, thanks. If you’re as good at reforming Russia as you are at forecasting its collapse (an average of once a month since you started your blog), I won’t lose too much sleep worrying about the big chance I missed.

  3. Igor, AU says:

    Wanted to say something, but…

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