Smog from forest and peat bog fires can be see...

Image by AFP via @daylife

Y’all, it is so hot in Moscow. There are peat-bog fires in the countryside so the city is choked with a visible, and pungent, white smoke. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve beaten every record ever set since they started recording the temperature here 130 years ago. At this writing it is 97 degrees.

So instead of writing something about corruption or the fact that the budget deficit will be double what the Finance Ministry projected, I will bring you this awesomeness: a music video by comedian Aleksandr Revva under the pseudonym Artur Pirozhkov. (English speakers are free to tune out, as are Russian speakers who don’t get Russian humor.)

[youtubevid id=”Fc7amqu-QcE”]

And, for context, some of his precious hilariousness.

[youtubevid id=”A20EdVe0rG0″]

You’re welcome.

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1 Response to Peredayz

  1. zed244 says:

    I can see the previously unanticipated possible effect of the global warming..

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