Russian president is iPhone compatible

The verdict is in: Dmitry Medvedev can keep the iPhone Steve Jobs gave him yesterday.

Speaking to journalists in California, Medvedev’s spokeswoman said that, unlike the American president, the Russian President is not prohibited from having a cell phone. (It was considered a big personal victory when Obama was allowed to keep his civilian BlackBerry. This is due to concerns about security, as well as historical documentation.)

Alex Marquardt of ABC raises a good point, though: now that he has his iPhone, how will Medvedev operate it? He certainly can’t use the AT&T network that has a monopoly on iPhone service in the States. Will he, like the gajillions of Russians who have them, have to hack his new iPhone to hook it up to a Russian operator?


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3 Responses to Russian president is iPhone compatible

  1. alexp says:

    Julia, just for your and Mr.Marquardt knowledge: iPhones sold in Russia (OMG, they do legally sell it in Russia!) are factory unlocked, gajillions of Russians don’t have to unlock them to use with a Russian operator. They just come to a store, buy it and use it. You could check offerings on any of operator’s website.

    An iPhone brought from US does need “unlocking” but only if it was sold with an AT&T contract. Russians prefer to buy this “wonderbar” from Italy or Hong Kong — they sell absolutely the same hardware already unlocked as in Russia but considerably cheaper.

    I suppose Jobs gifted to Mr.Medvedev an absolutely unlocked piece wich could work with any operator. Like in Russia, Italy, HK, etc. when it would available in these countries.

    BTW, Apple has similar offering in UK: unlocked iPhone 4 for $750.

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