I'm in love with my car

This weekend, hundreds of cars packed onto a lot on the outskirts of Moscow to show off what Russian drivers do best: decorate their cars. They were there for, yes, the Sixth Annual Auto Fashion Day, also known as Aerograph 2010. The winner will be announced later today, but here are my nominees (click to enlarge):

For the Russianists, "Hedgehog in the Fog," an old Soviet cartoon.


I don't even know.

Also unclear.

The car also runs on blood.

The Ugg car: the outside is leather decorated with Eskimos and the inside is fuzzy.

The car that launched a thousand ships.

The Porsche Cayenne, as you'll see below, is an oft-decorated car in Russia.

Your favorite Russell Crowe quote here.

Strange, because getting a car in Moscow is your way out of the prole-filled Metro and gets you one step closer to becoming an oligarch.

Our fearless leaders.

And now for the driver.

And to those of you waiting in the wings with your “Well, is this really all that different from American yokels?” lines, let me counter with this: have you ever seen this in America?

Yes, those ARE rhinestones.

Didn’t think so.

via Auto.Lena.ru

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2 Responses to I'm in love with my car

  1. kovane says:

    That’s pretty ordinary stuff. Check this one out:

    The aerography of German field marshal Paulus’ capture on the German car in Volgograd, former Stalingrad, the place of the German army’s decisive defeat. The mind boggles!

  2. Mike Murray says:

    I was thinking to myself when I read this. Well us Americans decorate our cars! I guess we have something in common. That is NOT how we decorate our cars and apparently the Russians do it more tastefully because high pitched muflers and large wings and junkers on 24″ rims all look like… well you know.

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