That'll show 'em

For the last month or so, drivers’ rights advocates in Moscow have been protesting VIP sirens, the strange exceptionalism carved into the Russian legal system that allows the bearers of these special blue sirens to almost completely disregard traffic laws when they turn them on. In protest, people have begun taping blue buckets to the roofs of their cars. On Saturday, one man and his camera-armed coterie took it one step further:

[youtubevid id=”oPt2qSy5rnA”]

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3 Responses to That'll show 'em

  1. Mike Murray says:

    I really did enjoy this video mainly because after waiting for traffic for that lengthy period of time he finally uses his light in a last ditch effort to escape the blue bucket head guy. WHO HAD 2 BUCKETS!!! I don’t think he was expecting the guy to have a second bucket underneath the first.

  2. vladimirlogvinov says:

    Same scene, different angle:

  3. Great! These assholes and their blue lights are the biggest bane of Moscow traffic!

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