Do you know who I am?

People's deputy, Anton Belyakov

The people's Deputy, Anton Belyakov

Today, I bring you another tale of swaggering servants of the Russian people.

On Victory Day, May 9, a huge column of tanks, armored vehicles, and missiles paraded through Moscow, but then they had to get back to their base in Alabino, outside of Moscow. It really was a huge column, some 3 km long, and it took up the entire lane of the quite narrow Minsk highway leading to the base.

Around 5 pm, a Duma deputy of the “opposition” Just Russia party named Anton Belyakov, encountered this phalanx of hardware and found it to be extremely annoying and generally inconvenient.

And this is where accounts diverge.

According to the police, Belyakov, who was driving a Land Rover Discovery, decided to overtake the inconvenience. He pulled into the oncoming lane, and started zooming, until an oncoming vehicle forced him back — in between two tanks. At this point one of the police cars accompanying the cavalcade pulled him over. A defiant Belyakov flashed the cop his Duma ID.

“The deputy received a polite explanation that he is obligated to let the military hardware through,” an inside source told “However, when the police escort got back into place in the column, the offender again drove out into the oncoming lane, and then again got back into the line of military vehicles.”

The police pulled him over again. This time, they got an earful. “You’ll regret that you got yourself involved in this,” he yelled at the cop. “You’re all going to lose your jobs,” he added. When the commander of the escort police personally asked Belyakov to just let the hardware pass, he said, “Commander, command your subordinates, not me.”

There was no ticket, oddly, but Belyakov kept his promise: within an hour and a half, people from the Defenese Ministry’s Military Auto Inspection office arrived.

Belyakov, however, insists he was driven off the road, insulted, and smacked in the face by a cop who had that “characteristic smell” of booze on his breath.

Never thought I’d say this, but I’m with the cops on this one.


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3 Responses to Do you know who I am?

  1. markbergen says:

    This is great, thanks. Also, on an unrelated and belated note: excellent work on the New Yorker piece.

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  3. Perhaps Belyakov asked the cops for a bribe to not report them but they refused?

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