Antonio Banderas admits fangirl crush on Dostoyevsky, Tarkovsky

NEW YORK - JULY 10:  Actor Antonio Banderas at...

Too sexy.

The yellomuckrag posted an exclusive interview with actor Antontio Banderas on its site today.

For an exclusive interview with Antonio Banderas, this is some shady cinematography. But that’s to be expected of, which has surprising access and ghastly visuals. The interview is conducted by a giggling uber-nodder, who, along with her subject, is very hard to hear over the din of a hotel lobby. (Again, odd for an exclusive interview.)

But here’s what we were able to find out thanks to the site’s helpful transcript:

  • Antonio Banderas, like everyone else ever asked anything about Russia, loves Dostoyevsky
  • Equally shocking, he loves Russian cinematography, especially of the Soviet period (Nodder didn’t ask him about his favorite landmark, which I’m sure it’s St. Basil’s cathedral)
  • Banderas is no longer made jealous by the men swarming around his wife, Melanie Griffith
  • Banderas would like to do one (1) film project with Nikita Mikhalkov, our very own Spielberg, who, of course, declined to comment

The best moment, though, came at the beginning of the video, when Nodder asked Banderas if he had heard about “the explosions…in Moscow…underground.” Banderas said, yes, he had. What did he think of them?

“I think it is coward,” he said.


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