You've got to be kidding: Epic volcano eruption may delay Polish president's burial

Because one tangled layer of freakish, tragic absurdity is not enough, the powers that be add another.

After the Polish president and half his government fell from the sky en route to commemorate the 70th anniversary of an epic national tragedy, a volcano in Iceland — named, surely, after a toddler’s first stab at calligraphy — erupts for the first time since 1821, scattering ash across northern Europe and into Russia, and bringing commercial aviation in the region to a standstill.

That means that this Sunday’s funeral procession for Lech Kaczynski, the deceased Polish president — the procession that was to include, in an unprecedented show of comity, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev — might very well be canceled.

Next up: the surviving Kaczynski brother is mauled by lions.


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