It's about damn time: Medvedev bans nanodemocracy

The Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Div...


Russia’s modernization drive is all about nanotechnology.

For the time being, let’s leave that statement alone. Believe me, asking “why?” or “seriously?” won’t really get you a good answer as to why nanotech is Russia’s deus ex machina.

Many Russia observers have asked another, still more important question: can you really have a modern economy based on the fruits of intellectual labor without political freedom? Can you have the medium necessary to foster innovation — or nanotechnology — without democracy?

And now we have an answer, straight from semi-tech geek, nano-President Dmitry Medvedev, whose committee for modernization has basically been mockingly pushed aside by Putin, who decided to have his own modernization committee: “kinda.”

Russia, Medvedev said today in an interview with a loyalist paper, needs a “modern democracy, one that also takes into account Russian traditions.” This sounds like a play — or a parody — on Russia’s earlier formulation of Russia-specific democrcacy, known as “sovereign democracy,” or suverennaya demokratiya. Which sounds a lot like sovremennaya — modern — demokratiya. (Just as the out-of-nowhere nanotechnology drive sounds like a lost scene from “Dr. Strangelove.”)

Thank god Medvedev went on to explain what in the hell he meant.

“We don’t need nanodemocracy,” he said. “That would be a parody of real democracy.”

Mmm-hmmm. Kinda like what we have now.


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