Come to my boo-doo-arrrrr

This Friday, faux gypsy cacophonist with windpipes of gold Peter Nalitch and his orchestra will play at Moscow’s B1 club. He was all the rage among the Moscow intelligentsia a couple years ago, but apparently the rage hasn’t passed: the show, to my infinite sadness, is sold out. (This is probably because he is an entrant in Eurovision 2010.)

Here, for those of us who can’t make the show, is Nalitch’s loopable, break-out hit, “Gitar”:

[youtubevid id=”AOzkN8dHnjk”]

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One Response to Come to my boo-doo-arrrrr

  1. ncfrommke says:

    I believe every word that he said (that I understood)- he is indeed too cool to ever be lonely.

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