Relief from the news: Phillips' Parallel Lines brings a bit of beautiful sci-fi to Moscow

Moscow Metro, Park Pobedy station

Park Pobedy station

It’s been a nutty couple of weeks in Moscow, with foreign reporters starting to joke that the August news cycle — responsible for everything from the 1991 putsch, the 1998 financial meltdown, and the 2008 war in Georgia — has come early this year.

Here’s some beautiful relief from bloody revolution, nuclear treaties, and ironic plane crashes.

Phillips has launched the second phase of its Parallel Lines competition of short films, all united by only six lines of dialogue:

“What is that?”

“It’s a unicorn.”

“Never seen one up close before.”


“Get away. Get away.”

“I’m sorry.”

The winner will be picked by Sir Ridley Scott, whose production company RSA is working with Phillips on the project.

So far, there are five short films in the series, one of which takes you to a gray and wintry Moscow, populated by snorting robots. It shows Moscow bleakly and, I hope, lovingly, taking you from the Park Pobedy (Victory Park) metro station, through the Red Square, the winding river embankments, and the pastel-hued historic city center. It’s weird and obtuse, but also remarkably sleek and well-crafted. (This film was shot by Carl Erik Rinsch, a filmmaker responsible for commercials like these.)

[youtubevid id=”XOZkLIwbRrw”]

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