Putin's actual wife not dead

Medvedev, First Lady Svetlana Medvedev, and Putin. Guys, are we missing someone?

Yesterday, Russians celebrated Easter, but special Russians — like President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin — attended the masstravaganza at the opulently restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior, right on the bank of the Moscow River.

One person was notably not in attendance: Putin’s wife. This led people to speculate that, perhaps, she was dead?

Turns out, she is, in fact, very much alive, though the Putin marriage doesn’t seem to be. Putin is rumored to have secretly divorced and married a superhumanly plastic rhythmic gymnast who is also reported to have borne him a son — named, strangely, Dmitry.

Perhaps this is why Lyudmila Putina wished her husband a happy Easter — over the phone.

via Marina Litvinovich

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One Response to Putin's actual wife not dead

  1. sputnikk says:

    It’s amazing how anyone tries to hit out at Putin with there stupid Russiaphobe agendas. The Putin marriage rubbish has been denied and is old new from 2008 when he was stepping down from President.

    Everyone in the West writes how Putin made Russia worse even though During Putin’s Presidency, poverty rates more than halved and wages nearly tripled, fueling an on going consumption boom shared across all regions and social groups. Maybe how bad it is for Journalists even though 17 journalists were murdered under Putin whereas 30 under the “Freedom fighting” Yeltsin. Maybe the demographic death spiral Russia is in even though the Population grew for the first time since 1995 birth rate has increased, the death rate has fallen and mortality from murder, suicide and alcohol poisoning has plummeted.

    But i guess hating Russia is the only way for people.

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