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Hillary Clinton talks with the Russian Larry King

Last night at midnight, Russia finally got to see Vladimir Pozner, its Larry King, sit down with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (The show is normally live, but this was taped right before Hillary’s Friday night departure from Moscow.) … Continue reading

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Chicken: Russian Central Election Committee chair asks for a friendlier journalist to interview him on the air

Today, I was supposed to go on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to participate in a show called “Face to Face,” in which one Russian and one foreign journalist interview a local bigwig. Because some key regional elections were last weekend … Continue reading

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So that's what happens to Olympic funding in Russia (surprise! corruption!)

Since I seem to be on an Olympics kick this week — or, rather, a why-Russia-bombed-in-Vancouver kick — let’s continue with this story: A high-ranking Russian athletics official has been arrested for demanding a hefty slice off a government disbursement … Continue reading

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Humane society

Okay, what is up today, Russia? Seriously, is everything okay? Because now I’m hearing news that the administration of Ulianovsk Oblast’ found a unique way of dealing with their stray dog problem: shoot them all to hell. Apparently, authorities spent … Continue reading

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Boris Yeltsin's daughter back, gets new political party

Boris Yeltsin’s daughter Tatyana Dyachenko has recently resurfaced in Russian public life and now there’s talk of having her head a Kremlin-made right-leaning business party that would propagate Medvedev’s ideas of modernization. The idea comes to us courtesy of Alexander … Continue reading

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Louisiana comes to Moscow: couple dies while sexing in a car

Last night, a Moscow couple decided to get romantical and have sex in their car, which was still parked in a little pre-fab portable garage known in Russia as a “shell,” because it’s made of corrugated iron. Anyway, it was … Continue reading

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Russia's Olympic self-flagellation, Plushenko's whining continue apace

If you can believe it, Russia still hasn’t gotten over its sixth place finish in the medal count (eleventh, if you’re counting golds). Yesterday, President Dmitry Medvedev held an award ceremony at the Kremlin for the Russian Olympians that brought … Continue reading

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