So that's what happens to Olympic funding in Russia (surprise! corruption!)

Bear cub Misha, the mascot, at the closing cer...

Since I seem to be on an Olympics kick this week — or, rather, a why-Russia-bombed-in-Vancouver kick — let’s continue with this story: A high-ranking Russian athletics official has been arrested for demanding a hefty slice off a government disbursement earmarked for “training for summer competitions” as well as fire code and sanitation compliance.

Since Russia’s sad finish in Vancouver, everyone — from Vladimir Putin to Evgeny Plushenko — has been complaining that the massive sums set aside by the Russian federal government to train and equip Russian athletes have not been getting where they’re supposed to get.

And now we know at least where some of it goes: kickbacks.

The official — the deputy director of the Moscow State Physical Education and Athletics Agency — demanded 5% of the government handout, which at 16 billion rubles ($545 million), would have amounted to a nice little tranche for him.

And hey, the athletes would’ve never noticed.

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3 Responses to So that's what happens to Olympic funding in Russia (surprise! corruption!)

  1. alexp says:

    Check the source please: 16 *millions* rubles ($545,000) to be precise.

    And kickback was… surprise… $27,000. Price of an used car.

    Not too much to sabotage an olympic team.

    • Julia Ioffe says:

      So it’s okay to ask for it if it’s a small amount?

      • alexp says:

        I’ve just pointed out a translation mistake.

        Bribes are crime even at this sum. This miserable idiot should be in jail but he is not the problem for Olympics.

        The biggest crime is to *do nothing*: one could be clear of bribes but absolutely vain for sport. That why we lose.

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