Putin's favorite clown furnishes his castle in Dirtville


Maxim Galkin

Three years ago, Maxim Galkin, Russia’s favorite comedian-slash-crooner-slash-TV-host of the Russian “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, started construction of a bungalow just outside of Moscow in a little hamlet called Gryaz’, which can only be translated as “Dirt.”

The bungalow, built in the modest style of a six-story medieval castle with a freight elevator, is now nearing completion. Galkin, who is currently the only Russian comedian allowed to parody the notoriously fickle prime minister Vladimir Putin, reportedly spent $10 million on construction alone. Cost of the hectare of land in Dirt once owned by tsarist functionary Nikolai Alexandrovich Tolstoi? Unknown.

What is now known, according to Russian tabloid Express Gazeta, is what will be inside and that that stuff cost almost three times as much as the construction. Apparently, this includes two houses for the help, five guest bedrooms, a $400,000 library (books sold separately), and wallpaper that costs almost $700 a square meter. Oh, and a million-dollar kitchen. Decorated in a traditional style, the palace will include a red suite for his love partner, 60-year-old singing legend Alla Pugacheva. (Galkin is 33.)

Local villagers say Galkin has become a sort of lord of the manor — king of the castle? — tossing metaphorical coins to the Dirt locals.

Not bad for a kid who got his start on college comedy show KVN.

Ironically, in a recent interview, Galkin made an interesting comment about his experiences hosting “Millionaire.” “I came to the conclusion,” he said, “that, as a rule, he who is smart is not rich.”


via Express Gazeta


The Castle in Dirt

The million-dollar kitchen. In Dirt.

The million-dollar kitchen. In Dirt.

The castle library. In Dirt.

The castle library. In Dirt.

Alla Pugacheva's red boudoir. In Dirt.

Alla Pugacheva's red boudoir. In Dirt.

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3 Responses to Putin's favorite clown furnishes his castle in Dirtville

  1. craig says:

    Putin overpaid. I will make fun of him for half that much money.

  2. desargues says:

    I grew up behind the Curtain in the Eighties, and I remember Alla as one of the “pop stars” the Soviets kept inflicting upon the TV channels of their Eastern Bloc “allies.” She was already in her mid-thirties, although I don’t much remember her face. Nor her music. I think it was a whiny, cheap-nostalgic, awful kind of bleating — a sort of Second World imitation of a karaoke-bar epigone of Neil Diamond.

    I love your captions, and their ineffable wit. May I suggest adding a photo of Alla? You could caption it with “Pugacheva. Old as Dirt.”

  3. desargues says:

    And I can sort of see why Putin tolerates the young fellow. The briefest glimpse of his impish face moves me to mirth. He doesn’t even need to be funny.

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