Plushenko shows flashes of delusion, platinum, then a little less delusion

plushenkoOn Monday, Yahoo! News reported that Evgeni Plushenko, who took gold in men’s sniveling at Vancouver last week, was actually feeling all better because he had simply changed his frame of reference: he gave himself a platinum medal.

That’s right. To all of you watching his immaculate performance thinking he had won second place, well, suck it, because he actually won super-first place with what may have looked like a silver medal, but was actually a different, special medal for much better athletes and was made instead out of platinum. Not silver.

He even designed such a medal, and, under each of the medals he won, wrote on his official site: “Silver of Salt Lake, Gold of Torino, Platinum of Vancouver.”

I don’t know that there’s a way back from this, but at least he’s taken the captions out today. Which is good. But the medal is still there, which, on top of the judging conspiracy against him, just raises the obvious question: did he win white gold??!

via Yahoo! News

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