Russia axes food inspections, Upton Sinclair spins in grave

sausage, kiełbasa

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What  do you do if you have too many bogus food inspectors? Why, cancel all food inspections, of course!

Which is exactly what the Russian government is doing. No more food inspections AT ALL until we can cleanse the country of the quacks. That means, starting today, no more fake doctors — or real doctors — or anyone at all, for that matter, inspecting supermarket shelves or the country’s ubiquitous outdoor markets for fake, outdated, or blitzed-up bread, booze, drinking water, fish conserves, meat products, sausages, and salt.

Not that the laws were that strict to begin with. A violation of food safety laws could cost you as much as, blargh!, 1,000 rubles! That’s $30, people! That’s a lot of money in a town where a tub of yogurt will set you back at least that much!

Now, store owners will simply have to fill out an honor-system declaration stating that, cross their hearts, their produce is fresh, their drinking water contains little to no arsenic, and their fish conserves aren’t flush with anaerobic bacteria. In the meantime, Russian authorities will firm up the inspection codes, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of this.

via Itar-TASS

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6 Responses to Russia axes food inspections, Upton Sinclair spins in grave

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  2. par4 says:

    You have a broken link at ‘This’.

  3. ncfrommke says:

    Sounds like the former Worker’s Paradise is fast becoming a free-market libertarian wonderland. John Galt- are you listening? A fine place for you to shrug off to!

  4. Mark Adomanis says:


    Any idea what compelled them to take this step? Is this part of Medvedev’s (somewhat farcical) “war” against corruption?

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  6. cliveshome says:


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