The government water-filter self-endorsement wars (WTF)

shoyguA ZF-MChS (Shoygu) water filter may set you back $4o, but it comes with several apparent guarantees:

  1. It has MChS in its name — which is the acronym for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry;
  2. It has Shoygu in its name — which is the name of Sergey Shoygu, the Emergency Situations Minister;
  3. It has the symbol of the ruling United Russia Party (which is headed by Vladimir Putin) on the label.

Now United Russia and Shoygu are pressing Gold Formula, the company that makes the filter, to take all three off its label. And, apparently, it’s been doing so for the last six months.

But! Gold Forumla has the balls to tell the press that it has a good relationship with United Russia and that, if UR really wanted them to pull the label, it would have already done so.


Oh, wait, did I forget to mention that Gold Formula is owned by a guy who co-holds a patent for the filtering technology with Boris Gryzlov, the Duma speaker and United Russia member?


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