Happy blogoversary, Dimitry Medvedev!

Dmitry Medvedev - World Economic Forum Annual ...

Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

It’s been exactly one year since the Russian president has started blogging, which means, he said, that it is a time to reflect.

For me, the blog represents a very important means of communication, which allows me to receive important information, to better understand citizens’ mood, the reasoning behind the behaviour of a wide range of people interacting on the blog and discussing a variety of issues.

This spring, someone suggesting a new topic of discussion made the following interesting statement: “There are more of us here than there are deputies in the State Duma.” This is entirely true. We have only 450 deputies in the Duma; meanwhile, the number of permanent and active blog participants has now exceeded twenty thousand (eleven thousand on LiveJournal and ten thousand on the official blog website). First, I want to say that this makes me happy, especially since, for the most part, these individuals hold their own views; they can listen to others’ standpoints but also argue their own stances. They have many interesting ideas.

How sweet! He goes on, at length, and you can read the rest of his thoughts on breaking down the walls between blog and state here.

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