Upton Sinclair called again; refused to leave a message

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A follow-up to a post from last week on food fraud in Russia.

Last night, I had dinner with some fellow expats, one of whom was cooking veal curry. He ran downstairs to the supermarket — the once upscale Sedmoi Kontinent (“Seventh Continent”) — to buy more veal when more company arrived. Many of us noted that the meat looked too red to be veal, but, he insisted, the container had been clearly marked “veal.” (I can attest to this as I was with him when he bought it.)

When the curry was served — hot and fragrant, right off the stove-top — we discovered that none of us could talk because we were so busy furiously, strenuously masticating. Not only was the meat not veal, it was beef. Beef of herculean toughness. What part of a cow it came from, and when, one can only guess.

And, guess what, that pork my friend bought, thinking it was filet mignon? Also from Sedmoi Kontinent. Some reporting might be in order.

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