Death Match: Tom Cruise v. Putin

tom cruise IQ facebook

Image by mandiberg via Flickr

I know I’ve lost many a night of good sleep wondering, who would win in a death match of evil, wiley wiles, the Kremlin or the Church of Scientology? Well, Tom Cruise’s boxing gloves have spoken oh so sonorously through the vessel of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which ruled that Russia cannot ban scientology from registering in two god-knows-where Russian towns just because it hadn’t been there for more than 15 years or because Russia thinks the organization is trying undermine the government from within. Moreover, it awarded the group €20,000 in damages. And since this isn’t the first time Scientology has won — in 2007, it won the right to register in Moscow — that leaves the official Death Match score at Tom Cruise, 2; Putin, 0.

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