Cursing, no; sex, obviously

In Scream, Jackson and his sister Janet angril...

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It’s a curious thing here: cursing doesn’t exist. Sure, they’ll curse around tested allies, but if you — well, okay, I — utter something indecent, people, even friends, are genuinely shocked. You’ll rarely see obscenities in print. We may bleep four-letter words on TV but in Russia, it won’t even get to that point. Dubbing often removes cursing entirely from American films. A film buff friend noted that, in the dubbed version of a Tarantino film (I forget which one) when a close-range shooting results in a brain-spattered car interior, the shooter expresses his frustration with “Oh, shoot!”

So in that context, this morning’s headline in on the Michael Jackson autopsy results was, well, refreshing: “Bald, covered in white splotches, with a normal erection.”

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